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12 days to raise £1 million for Syria's refugees

From 3-14 December 2013, famous faces, Oxfam shoppers and volunteers across the UK joined together to raise money to help Syria's refugees through the winter. Here's why.


A grandmother's story

Anazwiya is 90 years old. She's a proud grandmother and had lived in Syria all her life. When the bombs started to fall in her neighbourhood she fled to Lebanon. She left behind a son, a daughter and her grandchildren and still has no idea if they are alive or dead.

"If I sat here and thought about the past, about what we had, about the things I can't do anymore, well I would just sit here and cry. I want to go home but I can't. It will be tough living here in the winter, but we will get through it."

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Abir and Hassan

Abir is 6 years old and her brother Hassan is 4. They came to northern Lebanon with their parents, to escape the suffering and conflict. Everything they had was left behind. Now they face a harsh winter in a shelter made of cardboard and plastic sheeting.

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Many families have literally lost everything so even something as basic as a toothbrush means the world. That's why it's part of our family wash kit this Christmas. Give £25 to buy one family a wash kit.


In the cold and unhygienic conditions of make-shift housing, disease can spread quickly. Simply washing hands with soap can help to stop potentially diseases spreading. Give £3 to buy five bars of soap.


Clean running water is vital for refugee families all over the region. This winter you can help us to keep the water running. Give £27 to buy one family clean drinking water.


Babies are at particular risk of infection and disease in these harsh winter conditions. A simple blanket can protect them. Give £6 to buy one blanket to keep a baby warm.


Food to feed a family

Just £17 can help one family to put food on the table this winter.

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Winter clothing for children

Just £32 can buy enough clothing to keep two children warm for the whole winter.

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Aysha's story

Aysha is 20 years old, a mum and is 8 months pregnant. Her home was destroyed, burned to the ground during the conflict. She came to Jordan for safety with her husband and children. But living conditions are tough and bring new dangers.

"We keep praying that we won't get diseases. We don't have proper sanitation here. It's very hard, especially being pregnant. We have to make sure the children don’t drink water from outside as it's so dirty."

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A young family’s story

Traumatised and with nothing left of their old life, Iyad and Nawal still count themselves as among the lucky ones, simply because they are alive. Their shelter is a damp, abandoned basement. Their young children sit with bare feet on concrete floors. They have no heat, no power and they share just two blankets between five.

"We are in the mountains here. When it is covered in snow and when the wind blows it is really cold. What we really need are winter clothes for the children, more blankets and fuel."

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Shelter from winter weather

£19 help to provide a refugee with shelter from wintry weather.

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Fuel to keep a family warm

£93 will buy a stove and fuel to see a family through winter.

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Clean drinking water

£27 can help provide safe drinking water for a refugee family.

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A father's story

Now living in a refugee camp in Jordan, Tahseen escaped Syria after his son was tragically killed in a helicopter attack. His family's shelter simply isn't enough to see them through the winter. They’re trying hard to make do with what they can find.

"I wouldn't wish what has happened to us on my enemy. My wife found a blanket in a bin and brought it home and washed it. We would never have done that before but this is what our life is like now."


Your donation doubled.

Your gift will be matched by the UK Government to help prevent a lost generation.*


Your donation will be worth double at no extra cost to you.

* All public donations made to Oxfam's Syria Christmas appeal between 27 November and 27 February 2014 will be matched pound for pound by the UK Government. These donations will support families affected by the Syria crisis. If our appeal raises more money than we need for this work, your gift will be used wherever in the world the need is greatest.

Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery meets Syrian refugees in Jordan.

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