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Help women in Ethiopia feed their families

Beekeeping is an important economic activity in Ethiopia, employing up to two million people. However, the yield and quality of the honey is low, as people use outdated methods. Oxfam is helping beekeepers to modernise their beehives and processes, set-up in business, and find new markets for their products. This will help these enterprising women to earn a living and break free from poverty.

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"For years we ate just one small meal a day. But the beehives are changing that."

Wubalem Shiferaw lives in rural Ethiopia, one of the seven poorest countries in the world. In the past, she earned a meagre living labouring for others, and it was a daily struggle to get enough food for her family.

With Oxfam's support, Wubalem has received a modern beehive, protective clothing, plus training on processing honey. It means she now earns enough to pay for essentials such as food and medicines, and is on her way to becoming truly self-sufficient.

You can help many more women to take up beekeeping and help their families break free from poverty. Please donate what you can today.

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This project is part of the Enterprise Development Programme (EDP), which provides business-focused solutions to help entrepreneurs in the developing world work their way out of poverty.

There is a small chance we will raise more than we need for this project. If this happens your gift will be allocated to another EDP project.