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We urgently need your help to drill 12 boreholes - and bring life-saving water to 25,000 people

Helen Ewoton comes from Nawoyatir in Turkana. She used to have to walk for 1.5 hours to collect dirty water from a scoop hole. Now, Oxfam has dug a borehole in her village, and the community is overjoyed at the impact that this vital source of clean water is having on their lives.

Helen talked about the dangers of drinking dirty water from scoop holes:

Some people have suffered diseases from drinking contaminated scoop hole water. Last year, people from the neighbourhood became ill and some had diarrhoea. Then we realised that cholera will also come to us because of the contaminated water. Some children from the neighbourhood became ill and one lost its life.

The year ahead is going to be critical for families in drought-stricken Turkana.

We have a programme in place for the next two years. All we need is that vital extra support from you.

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Video: Turkana borehole appeal

Video: Turkana borehole appeal

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Your donations make a real difference. If, instead of a single gift, you can support us a little more with a regular monthly donation for the next 12 months, that would be a great help in enabling us to press ahead with this programme. 

After 12 months your direct debit will automatically be cancelled.

Our programme

Together we will:

  • Drill 12 boreholes and where possible, equip them with solar pumps
  • Restore two water points that no longer work
  • Upgrade three existing mechanised water points
  • Construct two shallow wells with hand pumps that are reliable and inexpensive to run
  • Run 19 training programmes to equip local people to manage the new and restored water sources