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Haiti. Rebuilding communities.

Help poor urban families build themselves a better future.

Just a few pounds can help local communities rebuild, and support local small-scale businesswomen.

Thanks to your generous support, this project has met its funding target for now. We will be accepting donations for next phase of this project in 2017.


How we are helping

You'll be helping determined businesswomen like Terzilia Duverger. She has been a street merchant in Port-au-Prince for 56 years. Despite losing her house in the 2010 earthquake, she continued to sell vegetables, spices, cooking oil and cold drinks at the side of the road to support herself and her extended family.

As part of this project, Oxfam will create several marketplaces where Terzilia, and other merchants, can sell their goods safely. Terzilia will be consulted on the design of the marketplaces to ensure that women traders' needs are met and they can trade for longer and in safety thanks to new street lighting.

What your money can buy

£12 could help provide access to public sanitation for a member of a slum community

£42 could help reduce the risk of erosion, landslides and flooding for six people living near a ravine, through building earth retention structures


Like many other women in Port-au-Prince, Terzilia makes a meagre living by selling goods on the roadside.

A bit of background

Many residents of Port-au-Prince were already living in extreme poverty when 2010's devastating earthquake hit. Rebuilding continues, but people are still at risk of further disasters by being forced to live in squalid and unsafe conditions in massive unplanned slums, which are often destroyed by floods and landslides during the hurricane season.

Also, a continued lack of infrastructure, services, public spaces and road access limits opportunities for people to earn a decent living and so help economic regeneration of the area. Unlit, unsafe streets and lack of public facilities particularly affects women, who run the majority of small businesses.

How we're helping

Your support could help improve life for up to 25,000 people. By working with communities and local government we will help redevelop poor urban areas so everyone benefits.

This project will improve security by installing street lighting to make people feel safer, and by stabilising the sides of ravines near people's homes, reduce the risk of landslides. The project will address local needs by improving sanitation facilities, roads, markets, playgrounds and other public amenities to help regenerate neighbourhoods. Oxfam will also help empower women to play a key role in creating a safer environment within their communities and better living conditions.

Look how far your money can go

However much you can afford, your donation will really change lives. Just ask the people this project will help.

Veroni Sil Jean is a single mum and brings up her children alone after the 2010 earthquake destroyed her home, killing her father and nephew. She makes a living by selling water and charcoal on the roadside.

 I raised my kids by myself. I'm the woman and the man at home," she says. "Selling by the road means that speeding vehicles often run over our stock. We are constantly scared of being struck by cars and trucks. But luckily, so far no merchants have been hit.

But I'm hoping that when we have the new marketplaces we will all be able to sell our goods in safety and open for longer.

For every £1 you donate, we will allocate 10p of your donation to cover general support and running costs. There is a small chance that we will raise more money than is needed for this project. If this happens, we'll spend any additional funds on other Oxfam projects - wherever the need is greatest.