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Thanks for choosing to join LIFE. Your money will directly support the village of Malambo and its neighbouring villages in the Ngorongoro region in Tanzania.

Food, water, education, an income. With LIFE you are making a direct difference

Thank you for continuing to support the people of Malambo. Your regular donations are helping to improve women's rights, enabling everyone to eat well and providing the children of the village with a decent education. With your support, people from one of the poorest regions in Africa are building their own futures.

LIFE explained

How does my money support Malambo?

Your money directly benefits Oxfam's work in Malambo village, and three other villages in the Ngorongoro district. You'll be transforming the lives of children, young men and women, mothers and fathers - the whole community. What's more, we hope that we will far exceed the funds needed to support Ngorongoro and be able extend your support to other pastoral communities in Africa with similar needs.

How will I be kept up to date with the project?

By supporting the LIFE project you've started a relationship. You'll receive updates from the villages and you'll get to know the people, the places - the sights and sounds. And, as your relationship grows, we hope you'll see this community transformed.

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