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Ending an impossible school run

For two years, Masuni's children, Melau and Naipaipai, walked to Piyaya Primary School. It's an incredible 48km round-trip. With support from the LIFE project, the community have built boys and girls boarding facilities in Piyaya. Now pupils like Melau and Naipaipai no longer have to make an impossible journey every day.

QuoteStartI was getting to school by break-time and would leave after lunch so I could get home before dark. I missed too much at school. I was always sleepy and I never finished my work.QuoteEnd


An amazing transformation

Boarding means that Melau and Naipaipai can keep up with their studies. And there's time to return home at weekends and at end-of-term to help out with herding and milking duties. Melau is already thinking about the future. "I want to go to secondary school and become a teacher," he says. Thanks to your support, this dream is a bit closer to becoming reality.

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