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Email David Cameron: End tax dodging


Downing Street

robertsharp via Wikimedia Commons/Fickr

With a new government in power, now is a crucial time to influence and we need to make sure that tax dodging is at the top of the agenda.

Email Cameron to let him know:

You care about ending corporate tax dodging.

You feel strongly about making sure the world's poorest countries don't lose out on funds that could pay for education and health care.

You want the billions of pounds lost to tax dodging to be put to better use here in the UK too.

It's not fair that developing countries are currently losing out on more than $100 billion a year by multinationals dodging local taxes - money that could be used to build schools and hospitals. And it's not fair that we're missing out on £3.6 billion that could be used to tackle poverty here in the UK, either.

By putting pressure on David Cameron at this crucial time, we can get him to commit to making our tax system fairer for everyone.

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Oxfam is part of the Tax Dodging Bill Campaign - a coalition of UK charities supporting the call for a fairer tax.

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