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Close Scotland's inequality gap


There is a huge gulf between the richest and the rest in Scotland and across the UK. At the same time too many people are going hungry.

Pressure politicians to address the problem - now.

People are going hungry - how can this happen?

An increasing number of people in Scotland are in poverty amid low and stagnant incomes, rapidly rising prices, insecure jobs and benefit reforms. Increasing numbers of people are going hungry and being forced to rely on food banks to feed their families.

We can do something about it?

Things need to change to narrow the gap between the richest and the rest.

The referendum on Scottish independence is a great opportunity to challenge our politicians to answer the question: what will you do to reduce the inequality gap in Scotland?

Whether part of Yes Scotland or Better Together, we need politicians across all the parties to urgently debate the inequality question.


Please use the accompanying form to email both sides and ask them how they will tackle inequality and end food poverty.


Join with us to press politicians into addressing the growing inequality gap.


Please let us know if they respond. Email us at


This is just the start. We'll be campaigning on inequality in Scotland, across the UK and worldwide for the long term. And we'll be asking you to help keep the pressure on.

Find out more about our proposition for a fairer economy for Scotland

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