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Stop the violence in Yemen

Escalating conflict in Yemen is making a dire humanitarian situation worse. We must do all we can to push for a permanent and immediate ceasefire.


People search for survivors under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi airstrikes near Sanaa Airport, Yemen. Photo: Abo Haitham

Before the current conflict, Yemen was already the poorest country in the Middle East. More than 10 million people were going hungry, including 1 million acutely malnourished children. 21.1 million people are in need of life-saving aid, over 80% of the population. Now the country stands on the brink of famine.

Violence has damaged homes, schools and even hospitals. So far, more than 6,700 people have lost their lives and 3.1 million people have been displaced.

Food, medicines, and fuel, needed to pump clean water, are in short supply and prices have sky-rocketed. While there has been some easing of the de facto blockade - these basic necessities still remain out of reach for millions of families already struggling to find enough to eat. There remain significant delays at congested ports which are working at reduced capacities and lack of fuel and damaged roads and bridges inland hamper the transport to markets across the country. To ensure that the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen does not worsen it's essential people have much more regular access to these vital supplies.

Escalating violence is making an already dire humanitarian situation much worse. The conflict has caused heavy civilian causalities, violence has been taking place in heavily populated areas and attacks on civilian infrastructure like schools and hospitals are the norm. British supplied arms are fuelling this war. Despite signing a treaty agreeing that "arms shouldn't be transferred if there's a significant risk they'll be used to breach the laws of war", the UK continues to supply weapons. The conflict must stop.

It's critical that the UK government stops the supply of arms and uses its influence to push for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, so that vital humanitarian assistance can be delivered to people in Yemen. We must do all we can to prevent any further suffering to those who already desperately need help.

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