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End the era of tax havens


It’s a global scandal. Poor countries lose a staggering $170 billion to tax havens – vital revenue that’s desperately needed to pay for vital public services like healthcare and education.

While the super-rich are able to stash their wealth in these top-secret, low-tax hideaways, millions of people living in poverty are denied these basic human needs.

This has to change. We won’t live with poverty, so we can’t live with tax havens any longer.

Sign our letter to Theresa May and  help end the era of tax havens

This is a global effort. Right now, people all over the world are taking action with us - urging their governments to help end the era of tax havens. And Theresa May can play a massive role in making it happen.

The UK’s own Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies – places like the Cayman Islands – are at the heart of a global network of tax havens. This is where rich individuals and multinational companies hide their money away and avoid paying taxes – often at the expense of the world’s poorest people.

The Prime Minister has taken steps to tackle tax dodging here in the UK – but they don’t go far enough for people facing poverty. So if you want to see her get tough on tax havens, and help end their use once and for all, join us and add your name to our letter.

Take action now