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Celebrate International Womens Day with Oxfam by getting your whole business involved in hosting an innovative and creative fundraising Get Together


Training can require a lot of time and commitment, so it's important to put together a training plan that's right for you.

If you're new to cycling, you can find out more in our brand new Cycling guide, put together by personal trainer Graeme Hilditch. Alternatively, you can also read our Ride 100 guide for more specific advice about this event There is also a Ride 100 training plan.

What your gift could achieve

£50 could provide 50 people with clean water, from families facing an emergency to a community without a nearby supply.

£105 could provide 15 mosquito nets, helping families protect themselves from malaria.

£250 could set up a farmyard, giving people the opportunity to grow crops and earn a living.

£540 could make the transportation and storage of water safer for someone in an emergency with 200 Oxfam-designed buckets. Oxfam buckets are specifically designed for carrying and storing water. Their secure lids help keep water clean and disease-free, while their taps ensure that none of the precious liquid goes to waste.

£930 could support a women’s network to influence policy makers. It will empower women to stand up for their rights, tackle issues like domestic violence and make a big impact as business and community leaders.

£2,000 could construct an irrigation system for a community so they can water their crops.

£4,000 could train 100 women on bee keeping and honey making - as well as business setup and management providing an excellent source of income for the family.

£8,913 could organise activities in 5 schools to raise awareness of what to do in a disaster.

£9,248 could enable 350 farmers to trial climate-smart rice varieties and planting techniques so they can cultivate more of their crop.

£16,908 could support plays and broadcast radio discussions on sexual health, girls’ education and child marriage in 50 villages.

£22,857 could provide latrines and a wastewater system for an 8 communities in Columbia, so people have a safe place to go to the toilet, without contaminating their water supplies.

£56,650 could construct a borehole with solar motorised pump. The borehole will produce a minimum of 80,000 litres of water a day, meeting the drinking water needs of 4000 people.

£86,964 could provide 15,000 parents and their child with a hygiene kit, which includes water purification tablets, a container for safely storing water, cups, and soap.

£197,950 could support a project in Honduras for a year, supporting rural communities to adapt to climate change by protecting farmland and water resources and promoting sustainable livelihoods.

£285,944 could fund a project in the Philippines for a year, helping communities to protect themselves from climate change.

£693,546 could fund our entire programme in Rwanda last year.

£875,791 could fund our entire programme in Nigeria last year.


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