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How do I raise money?

Fundraising for Dressed By The Kids Day is easy! You can either get sponsored or make a donation yourself on the day - it's up to you. If you'd like to raise sponsorship then the easiest way is via JustGiving as everything is automatic and in one place.

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1. Get sponsored - pick one of the following

Use your
Justgiving page
to get sponsored online
Use your
Justgiving code
to get sponsored via text message
Ask people to text
to give £5* direct to Oxfam
Download a
Sponsorship form
Download a
Bucket wrap
and get sponsored on the day

2. Donate money yourself - pick one of the following

Put your money in your
Collection box
(or tin or drawer at work)
to give £5* direct to Oxfam
Donate online using our
Payment form
* Texts cost £5 plus standard network rate. By texting you consent to future telephone and SMS marketing contact from Oxfam. Text NOINFO to 70066 to stop future SMS. Text REMOVE to 70066 to stop future calls.

Fundraising top tips

  • If you're planning on getting sponsored, the hardest part is starting. Once the first couple of donations are in it gets much easier. So get started right NOW!
  • When you're out and about in your outfit on the day remember to ask everybody for donations. Use your JustTextGiving code or the general donation text code for ease.
  • You could link your sponsorship total to how wacky you're prepared to let the kids go. The more you raise - the crazier things get! Wear that badge with pride.
  • On the day, change your Facebook profile photo to one of you in your outfit. It's an easy way to raise awareness of what you're up to and seek donations.
  • Customise your JustTextGiving code to something that's easy to remember for you. See the video to find out how.
  • Share a photo of yourself on the day as a thank you to sponsors. Let them know your total and what their money mean's to Oxfam (see below).
  • On the day, share a photo of yourself in your outfit on social using #dressedbythekids and chase up those final sponsors!

How to pay in your money

What your money can do

Approximately 1 billion people are currently living in extreme poverty around the world. That's millions upon millions of families. In a world rich in resources, this isn't right, it isn't necessary, and it isn't fair.

Oxfam has been working with the world's poorest people for more than 70 years, in 90 different countries. We won't stop until poverty has ended for good.

Here's some examples of what your money can do to share with your sponsors...

£10 : Chicken

Give chickens and you're giving a family a little egg factory that will produce chicks for rearing or provide income to pay for essentials.

£27 : Teach a teacher

Train a teacher so more children can be educated. Better teaching equals a better education for generations of children.

£42 : Build a bog

Toilets bring dignity to families in refugee camps, encourage children to go to school, and can stop the spread of deadly diseases.

£50 : Couple a'goats

Goats produce milk to drink and sell, fertiliser for crops, and kids to take to market.

£120 : Train 10 beekeepers

Improve bees' hives and train beekeepers in the latest yield-boosting production methods, allowing them to earn a sustainable living.

£250 : Disaster training

Train 4 people in Cambodia to understand and cope with extreme weather, like cyclones and floods by training then about disaster risk reduction.

Set up your personal JustTextGiving code!

The easiest way to raise money for Dressed By The Kids Day is via JustTextGiving where friends and family can sponsor you via SMS, you can instantly see your total and all donations automatically are sent to Oxfam.

Set up your JustTextGiving code 

Dressed By The Kids downloads

Fundraising essentials. Start fundraising and spread the word! Use these images for social media or in emails.

Sponsor form


Guide: "Get the most from your JustGiving page"


"Sponsor me" graphic

Graphic 1
Graphic 2

"Sponsor me" graphic with SMS number

Graphic 1
Graphic 2

Paying in form


Bucket wrap