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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for here, please contact us:
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  • What could the kids dress me as?

    This is completely up to their creativity and you're bravery! Think favourite characters, clashing colours and themed looks. Raid your wardrobe and their fancy dress box and plan in advance if you can as picking an outfit on the morning could be a rush.

  • I can't look too wacky at work, what should I do?

    You ultimately control what you walk out of the door in on the day, you don't have to wear that bikini your daughter loves! If your workplace is quite formal then see about getting everyone involved for the day or let the kids pick from a selection of clothes you'd be happy to wear.

  • How do I get my workplace involved?

    Most workplaces are happy to support fun charity events, especially ones where the kids are involved! Ask your boss or whoever arranges the activities at work if they can email all the staff to make it official and really get the momentum going. You could also download more posters from the website. Your workplace could then add up all the staff fundraising and raise some serious money for the world's poorest families.

    If you're thinking of getting the whole company involved please contact us at to see how we can help. We're happy to send you additional images, logos or another material you need. We can also dispatch event packs and badges in bulk.

  • Some of my colleagues don’t have kids, can they take part?

    Yes!! People don't have to be a parent to take part, they just need the help of a willing kid to pick out an outfit. Maybe kids within their family or friends could help? And the kid doesn't even need to be there - use Skype, send photos of options or discuss over the phone. It's easy for everyone to get involved.

  • How do I get my friends and family involved?

    Tell everyone you know that you're taking part in Oxfam's Dressed By The Kids Day to raise money for the world's poorest families. Share photos from the day on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, with the hashtag #dressedbykids. And don't forget to tell your friends, family and followers how they can sponsor you.

  • Where can I get another badge?

    You can download and print one from the Dressed By The Kids Day website or if you'd prefer us to post you one out then please get in touch us at

  • How do I raise money?

    The easiest ways to raise money are via JustTextGiving (for mobile phones) or JustGiving (for online donations). But sponsorship forms and collection boxes on the day work too! Just pick the method that suits you and your sponsors best.

    If you're raising money with work colleagues think about using one JustTextGiving code or JustGiving page for everyone's friends, family, customers, suppliers and clients to use so you can see your grand total easily in one place.

  • How much money am I expected to raise?

    There's no minimum or maximum amount. Just have fun and raise as much as possible!

  • How can I find out how much money I've raised for Oxfam?

    If you're using JustGiving or JustTextGiving you can check your running total at any time online. Share the news with the children - they tend to get VERY excited as they see the money mount up!

  • How do I pay in my money?

    Any money you raise via text donations or your JustGiving page is collected automatically, so you don't need to worry about it. To pay in money you've collected via sponsorship forms or collection boxes, please use the visit the Dressed By The Kids Day website where you'll find full details on other ways to pay in your money.

  • How will the money I raise be spent?

    Every penny will help to relieve extreme poverty for the world's poorest people. Here are a few examples of what your money could do...

    • £10 could provide a family a little egg factory that will produce chicks for rearing or provide income to pay for essentials.
    • £27 could train a teacher so more children can be educated. Better teaching equals a better education for generations of children.
    • £120 could help improve bees' hives and train beekeepers in the latest yield-boosting production methods, allowing them to earn a sustainable living for their families.