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International Year of Cooperatives 2012


Thank You for supporting the International Year of Cooperatives in 2012

In 2012, Co-operative stores and branches in Wales raised a phenomenal £93,000 for Seeds of Hope in aid of co-operative projects funded by Oxfam in Wales and Ethiopia and by Dolen Cymru in Lesotho.  Oxfam and Dolen Cymru wish to thank staff for their hard work, and customers for their generosity and support, which will bring long-lasting change to families living in poverty.


Changing lives: how your fundraising makes a difference

By supporting Seeds of Hope you will be changing people's lives across Ethiopia, Lesotho and Wales. Find out more about the projects you're supporting:

Ethiopia project

Part of the money you raise will help transform the lives of hard-working people in Ethiopia where Oxfam is working with a union of nine co-operatives to increase honey production. It has made beekeeping more accessible to women like 24 year-old Wubalem Shiferaw. Having no land to farm meant that it was always hard to make ends meet. But with the arrival of Oxfam hives, equipment and beekeeping training, life for Wubalem and her family has been transformed.

In addition to helping to train other beekeepers, Wubalem is also a member of the village co-operative which brings together local women beekeepers to share experiences and begin a credit union.

With just £12 Oxfam could train another budding beekeeper like Wubalem, helping them to develop key skills, grow their income, and support their family to lead a better life.

Wales project

Despite our relative wealth compared to a country like Ethiopia, thousands of people across Wales still live in poverty. Parents are often not able to afford a healthy diet for their family, or may not even be aware of the many ways in which they could improve their diet.

Some of the money raised will be used by Oxfam to help vulnerable families in the Duffryn area of Newport through a pioneering food co-operative. The project will help families to see fruit and vegetables as a crucial part of a healthy diet. They will learn about healthy lifestyles, budgeting and cooking. They will be able to buy subsidised produce grown by the local food co-operative, where they will be encouraged to take part in growing produce.

Money raised will also ensure that successes learned from this pioneering approach will be shared via Oxfam with other deprived communities across Wales - ensuring we can help people across the country for many years to come.

It will cost less than £20 a week to help at least 30 families improve their health and well-being by being able to access the food co-operative.

Lesotho project

Dolen Cymru, the Wales-Lesotho Link is an independent charity that has been creating life-changing links between Wales and Lesotho since 1985, bringing communities together in friendship for mutual support to build a sustainable future.

Phelisanong ('together we work for life') is a remarkable community which provides a home and school for disabled children and HIV/AIDS orphans. A garden and 500-tree fruit orchard provide food for the children and people on the HIV/AIDS programme. Last year the profit made from selling surplus crops to local villagers was 'ploughed' back in to the project. Local people with HIV/AIDS are also encouraged to help in the orchard and are given 'seedlings for work' for their own gardens.

With the help of Seeds of Hope, Dolen Cymru hope to work with the Phelisanong community to install three additional larger fenced-in orchards of 1500 trees with intercropping of vegetables.

Dolen Cymru will provide the tools and the environment to enable local people to develop the project themselves, giving a long-term sustainable benefit to their local communities.

Just £7.77 will plant a tree in a secure fenced orchard and provide the necessary tools and training for those involved.

Thank you for supporting Seeds of Hope in 2012