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Oxfam Representative Scheme

Oxfam Representatives are volunteer speakers who offer inspiring talks and interactive workshops to all ages about the work that Oxfam does and issues that Oxfam works on.

We have a network of volunteer speakers in England and Wales and whilst we try to fulfil every request we receive, we cannot always guarantee availability.

Thank you so much, once again, for the fabulous session and all of the great resources from yesterday. The students were raving about it all day and it seems to have really sparked their engagement with world issues and resolutions. This is exactly what we needed and it seems to have really worked - thank you!

Katie Hobster, Greig City Academy, April 2016

If you would like an Oxfam Representative to attend your school or community group, please complete the form below.


More information

You can choose to book a presentation only, workshops only or a combination of both, please tell us what you would like on your booking form.

The charge for having an Oxfam Representative to visit your organisation is £30. This charge covers the cost of the volunteer Oxfam Representative's travel expenses and administration of the scheme. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this contribution. If you are fundraising for Oxfam as part of your event the fee will be waived.

We ask that people do not request a speaker visit for a date less than 3 weeks or more than 12 weeks from the day they are applying. This is out of consideration for our Oxfam Representatives who are all volunteers.

Child protection and administration

Oxfam's child protection policy dictates that Oxfam Representatives must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times if speaking to under 18s.

Interested in becoming a speaker?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Oxfam Representative or would like any further information please email

Organisation details
Please give full address including postcode.
Event details
Only applicable for schools and colleges. Minimum of 8 years old.
Please allow us at least three weeks between your application and your proposed event date.
What would you like our speaker to deliver?

We offer a range of presentations and workshops to suit your needs, from short presentations to interactive workshops that explore the issues that Oxfam works on. You can choose to book a presentation only, workshops only or a combination of both.

If you would like our representative to give this presentation, please choose how long you would like it to last for.
Workshop sessions

If you would like our representative to host workshop sessions, please choose which subject(s) you would like to be covered.