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Bolivia: Violence free lives

Funding target: £160,500. Year 1 of a 3 year project

Every three days a woman in Bolivia is murdered or is the victim of femicide. Seven in every ten Bolivian women have been victims of violence, and recently there has been a rise in violence against women, both in frequency and brutality. With your support, we will challenge the attitudes and beliefs which normalise violence against women, in order to support young people in Bolivia to live violence free lives.

Colombia: Clean water, brighter future

Funding target: £192,600. Year 2 of a 2 year project

Indigenous people in Colombia are facing increased threats. In 2009 there were three reported massacres of Awá communities. As the areas they live in become increasingly militarised, communities have been forcibly displaced from their land, or confined to increasingly small areas. This means people cannot hunt or fish for food. Rising temperatures are causing rivers to dry up, and oil spills have made some water sources unsafe to drink or water crops with. With your support, we will support indigenous communities to build a stable and sustainable future.

Ethiopia: Growing better

Funding target: £320,050. Year 3 of a 3 year project

Almost a third of Ethiopia's rural population are poor, small-scale growers that rely on subsistence farming. Yields tend to be low and families regularly go hungry because of limited support, a lack of finance and a lack of markets for their produce. With your support we will help smallholder farmers to increase their production, adapt to extreme weather conditions and find new markets.

Ethiopia: Feeding families

Funding target: £160,500. Year 2 of a 2 year project

In the Somali region of Ethiopia, 85 per cent of people keep camels, goats and cows for a living. Most dairy farmers are women and it is often their only livelihood, but it is not enough to live on and most people are extremely poor. The production and quality of milk is low because fodder is scarce and animals are often in bad health. A lot of milk is wasted as there are no proper facilities to store and transport it. With your support, we will help farmers to produce more and better quality milk and dairy products, so they have more to eat and sell, and more money to save.

Ghana: Growing futures

Fully funded

62 per cent of people in northern Ghana live in poverty. Here climate change is causing alternating patterns of drought and heavy rainfall, making life increasingly difficult. During times of drought, crops do not receive the water they need to grow. When the rains come, they do so in increasingly short and intense bursts. This type of rain washes soil away, destroying crops. As a result, up to three-quarters of farming families lack sufficient food all year round With your support, we will enable people to support themselves and their families through activities which will provide them with a reliable source of food and income, despite the changing climate.

Haiti: Building a better future

Funding target: £155,151. Year 3 of a 3 year project

In 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti near Port-au-Prince, killing approximately 222,000 people. Its effects were so devastating partly due to the unplanned nature of the city. Many people live on the sides of riverbanks or hillsides in houses they have built for themselves out of any materials available, and there is a lack of services, roads, or public spaces. Over six years on, 57,000 people are still living in temporary campsites. With your support we will enable local people to decide how to improve their local area, manage community projects, and feel safer and more secure.

Honduras: Weather proofing

Funding target: £179,950. Year 3 of a 3 year project

In Western Honduras, many people rely on growing a single crop to feed their families and earn a basic income. However, changing weather patterns are causing crops to fail, leaving many people unable to feed their families or buy necessities. This is having devastating affects in a country where one third of the population already live in extreme poverty. With your support we can bring local community groups together to promote sustainable farming, to better cope with a changing climate, and to influence authorities to do more to protect lives and livelihoods.

Kenya: Reliable water sources

Funding target: £160,500. Year 1 of a 2 year project

Lack of water is a serious problem in northern Kenya. When local water pumps are out of action, people often seek alternative sources of water, such as by digging down in dry river beds. These alternative sources are easily contaminated and the water is often unsafe to drink, resulting in a high incidence of waterborne diseases. With your support, we will provide people in Lodwar and Wajir, northern Kenya, with a safe water supply.

Kenya: Job satisfaction

Funding target: £171,243. Year 1 of a 3 year project

Many women living in Nairobi's poorest urban settlements depend on unreliable, poorly paid casual work to make a living. Casual workers work outside of the legal environment, so no legal protection or recourse is provided. This means casual workers cannot demand their rights to better working conditions and are extremely vulnerable to exploitation. With your support, we will enable casual workers to collectively claim their claim their legal and human rights, challenge violations and seek redress.

Myanmar: A vote for women

Funding target: £157,607. Year 2 of a 2 year project

Only 12 per cent of MPs in Myanmar are women. A lack of political representation prevents women from accessing their basic human rights. For example, in May 2015, a population control law was passed which forces women to leave three years between pregnancies. No women were consulted on this bill. With your help, we will support women across Myanmar to take on leadership positions and push for gains in their basic human rights.

Nepal: Empowering women

Funding target: £199,020. Year 2 of a 3 year project

In rural areas of Nepal, women are traditionally given few opportunities outside of the home. Women from ethnic minorities and the perceived 'untouchable' class (or Dalits) are particularly discriminated against, and tend to be isolated, poorly educated, and unaware of their rights. With your support we can help the poorest women to understand their rights, and gain the confidence and skills to have a bigger say in decisions at home and in their communities.

Niger: A healthy start

Funding target: £246,100. Year 2 of a 3 year project

It is estimated that nearly half of all child deaths in Niger are due to malnutrition. Malnutrition is linked to a lack of food, but is also a result of severe vomiting and diarrhoea, which are largely caused by drinking dirty water. Vomiting and diarrhoea cause children to lose weight rapidly, meaning they can easily become malnourished. In rural areas of Niger, less than one in two people has access to safe drinking water, and most malnutrition centres have no clean water for children to drink or for cleaning equipment. With your support, we will install water points to provide clean water, speeding up the recovery time for children suffering from malnutrition.

Niger: Education for all

Funding target: £160,500. Year 2 of a 2 year project

Nearly 700,000 girls of primary school age in Niger do not go to school. Half of all girls in Niger under the age of 18 with no level of education have already been pregnant. Overall, when girls receive a good quality education they are less likely to become pregnant at a young age. A girl who receives no level of education is over three times more likely to become pregnant before she is eighteen than a girl who goes to secondary school. With your support, we will work with communities to explain the value of education, discuss sexual and reproductive health issues, including early marriage, and support teachers and school committees.

Pakistan: Health matters

Funding target: £160,500. Year 2 of a 2 year project

In Pakistan, poor people find themselves living in crowded, unhealthy conditions with open sewers acting as breeding grounds for disease. Clean water is scarce, which means that people drink contaminated water that frequently makes them ill. In recent years, cases of polio have been recorded in the project areas, Dadu and Muzaffargarh. Life is hard for families living in the slums. Many people are malnourished and a high number of young children die before their fifth Birthday. With your support, we will help slum dwellers to have fewer incidence of illness, by supporting the construction of water and sanitation facilities, and urging communities to hold the authorities to account.

Philippines: Better prepared

Funding target: £285,944. Year 3 of a 3 year project

The effects of climate change are increasing levels of poverty across the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. More frequent storms and intense rainfall means that already poor communities are struggling to recover and are sinking deeper in to poverty. With your support we can help communities understand the effects of climate change and reduce its impact, by adapting farming methods and livelihood options.

South Sudan: Water works

Funding target: £244,385. Year 1 of a 2 year project

Half the population in South Sudan do not have access to clean water. Poorer families, particularly those headed by women have resorted to taking water from rivers. This water is not safe to drink, making those who do so vulnerable to diseases such as cholera. With your support, we will provide 24,000 people with safe drinking water, and support people to earn a living whilst simultaneously meeting their communities' water and sanitation needs.

Sri Lanka: Working women

Funding target: £187,250. Year 3 of a 3 year project

Inequality and a lack of economic opportunities for women is limiting recovery in the war-ravaged eastern Sri Lanka, resulting in high levels of poverty. This is made worse by a changing climate affecting the province's main industry, rice growing, while women's lack of status often leads to domestic violence. With your support, we can help women increase their income and status by producing quality rice-based products as part of sustainable, collective enterprises.