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After Ebola

After Ebola

Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation announced that the Ebola epidemic was officially over in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The three hardest hit countries were free of a virus that had killed more than 11,000 people in West Africa since 2013.

But while the news was clearly reason for celebration, the fight against Ebola - and the poverty it caused - continues. Many children lost their parents, and thousands of women and men who survived the virus now face a painful struggle to rebuild their lives. So we're still hard at work in the region - powered by your life-changing support.

Theresa: "I volunteer because I care about my community"

To help the most vulnerable people get back on their feet, we're providing a range of grants, tools and training. Many farmers and traders lost everything, for example, because travel restrictions meant they couldn't get to markets, so we're giving people grants to buy whatever they need to get their businesses back on track.

Volunteers are playing a vital role too, as we work to help prevent future epidemics. We're training women like Theresa, to teach others how to care safely for sick children and relatives, so disease doesn't spread. And we're supporting people like Sallieu  to help children stay healthy.


Sallieu: Spreading knowledge to prevent disease

"I'm in charge of the hygiene club at this school," says Sallieu Kargbo. "We meet three times a week to make sure everyone knows the importance and benefits of hygiene. We say, 'Let's keep our environments clean, let's keep ourselves clean.'

"Some of the children have lost their fathers and mothers to Ebola, so they want to get educated. The members of the club will help me spread the message to everybody in the school.
"We thank Oxfam for giving us the opportunity to keep ourselves and everybody in the community safe."

The solar pump, taps, toilets and showers Oxfam has built at the EducAid school in Port Loko, Sierra Leone, are typical of the ones we've built across West Africa - and heroes like Sallieu are ensuring they have maximum impact.

You're changing lives. Here’s how.

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