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Lives changed with chickens


Drought is now less of a problem for farmers in Bahr el Gazal in Chad thanks to some chickens and a bit of co-operative working.

Miriam Maussa, whose daughter Anita is collecting eggs, says "I used to keep chickens at home, but couldn't rear enough to feed everybody."

Today Miriam is the leader of the local women's chicken producer group, thanks to some help from Oxfam. We provided the chickens and training in how to keep them healthy and happy.

Oxfam is helping farmers, particularly women, in Bahr el Gazal to earn an income through growing vegetables and breeding chickens, so they are better able to cope with droughts. Oxfam has helped the farmers to form groups of 15 members. They pool their resources and their produce. Most communities in the Bahr el Gazal region rely on their animals to generate an income to buy food. Successive droughts have reduced available food and pasture, and poor veterinary care has resulted in rising animal mortality, forcing already vulnerable people further into poverty.

Oxfam is helping families secure more food in the face of increasingly dry conditions, and the more gifts we get, the more people we can help.

Photos: Ella Dickinson

You're changing lives. Here’s how.

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