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Ripped off

Ripped off

Each year, poor countries miss out on a staggering $170 billion in tax revenues because of tax havens. That money is desperately needed for basic services like healthcare and education. And when it's not available, women and girls are worst affected.

Ask David Cameron to end the era of tax havens.

Make your voice heard 

There are several reasons why women suffer most. We know that women already spend more time than men on average on things like childcare or looking after sick or elderly relatives. If governments don't provide essential services that support families with tasks like these, then women and girls spend even more time doing this unpaid work.

As a result, they have even less chance to study, rest and earn an income - which in turn means they have less chance of leaving poverty behind and helping others do the same. Not only that, but in countries where people must pay to go to school or see a doctor, families usually prioritise the needs of men and boys - because they are seen as the main breadwinners, now or in the future.

Yet in places where essential services are free to everyone, the impact on reducing inequality between women and men has been huge - which is why it's time for change.

Help end the era of tax havens

Every day, Barbara Chinyeu risks her life collecting water for her family from the crocodile-infested Zambezi river in Zambia. Basic sanitation and clean water are scarce here, as are health centres and schools. 

So Barbara had no education as a child, but she also knows things could be very different. If super-rich individuals and businesses paid their fair share of tax, more money would be available to fund vital public services.

As things stand, however, tax havens are denying the poorest governments hundreds of billions in tax revenues - and stopping women like Barbara leaving poverty behind.

Ask David Cameron to end the era of tax havens.

Make your voice heard 

You're changing lives. Here’s how.

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