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Ripped off

Ripped off

Each year, poor countries miss out on a staggering $170 billion in tax revenues because of tax havens. That money is desperately needed for basic services like healthcare and education. And when it's not available, women and girls are worst affected.

Ask David Cameron to end the era of tax havens.

Make your voice heard 

Since 1942, Oxfam campaigners have gone all out to end poverty, pushing for action on inequality, tax dodging, climate change and more.

We are currently looking for students around the country to lead campaigning at University. 

We know when people come together and take action, people power works!  We are looking for students who feel angry about social injustice, have a passion for tackling poverty, and have an interest in standing up and speaking out to push people in power to make positive social change happen.

Find out more 

Not a student? Find out how you can get involved

Working together to end poverty

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