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Stephen Seckor: Ebola survivor and carer of thirteen children

Ebola has devastated many communities in West Africa, and has orphaned many children. Thanks to support from people like you, Oxfam's work in communities and nearby treatment centres has helped to ensure that there are survivors like Stephen with the strength to care for those left behind.

Stephen's story

This is Stephen Seckor. Stephen survived Ebola in Liberia, but is now looking after 13 children - after two of his sisters lost their lives to the disease and he took their children into his home.

Stephen and his fiancée both received urgent treatment and recovered after contracting Ebola last year. But his mum and dad lost their lives. So did two of his sisters. And when Stephen returned home from the treatment centre where he had battled the disease, he was told he no-longer had a job.

Today, Stephen is looking after 13 children - after taking on all of his sisters' offspring into his home. Other than working on small contracts on construction sites, he is struggling to find work. "Life," he says, "is really difficult."

This is the reality of life as the Ebola crisis slows. Families devastated. Loved ones Lost. And many thousands of people trying to adjust to a new future with very little support.

Mark Goldring's Liberia diary

Oxfam's chief executive Mark Goldring has been visiting west Africa to see for himself the work that Oxfam is doing to stop the spread of Ebola - and what more we all need to do to help. He says, "People need cash in their hands now, they need good jobs to feed their families in the near future and decent health, education and other essential services. They've gone through hell, they cannot be left high and dry."

Hear Mark's diary for Heart as he visits clinics, talks to Ebola survivors and the president of Liberia.

Mark Goldring's diary for Heart


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