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Media calendar

Please find below our calendar of media stories and reports for the next few months. Do get in touch with the relevant contact if you'd like any more information or call the press office on +44 (0)1865 472498.

For the latest updates follow us on Twitter: @oxfamgbpress


5 June: 50th anniversary of the occupation of the West Bank. Oxfam spokespeople available. Contact Christina Corbett: +44 1865 472530 / +44 7557 483758 /

7 June: Parents’ embarrassing outfits - survey. Oxfam will release poll results showing what British kids find most embarrassing about their parents dress sense, to inspire people to take part in its fundraising event Dressed By The Kids on 16 June. For more information contact Dominique Lyons: +44 1865 472174 / +44 7909 002815 /

8 June: Oxfam releases new information on the humanitarian crisis in West Africa that has left nearly 11 million people in need of emergency aid, as a result of ongoing conflict with Boko Haram and military operations to counter them. Contact Christina Corbett: +44 1865 472530 / +44 7557 483758 /

9 June: Iraq - Three years since start of offensive against ISIS. Oxfam spokespeople are available for comment on the humanitarian situation. Contact Harriet Hernando for interviews and case studies: +44 1856 472217 / +44 7557 077008 /

14 June: Oxfam report on UK immigration policy, refugee family reunion and Brexit. Contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265 077 / 

16 June: Dressed by the Kids Day – fundraising for Oxfam. Seriously silly fundraisers from across the UK get dressed up by the kids to give poverty a real dressing down and raise money for Oxfam. For interviews and photos contact Dominique Lyons: +44 1865 472174 / +44 7909 002815 /

June TBC: New Oxfam report on refugees - assesses how European countries are responding to the refugee crisis. Contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265 077 /

17 June: Jo Cox Great Get Together. Street parties taking place across the UK in honour of the late MP and Oxfam campaigner Jo Cox. Spokespeople available. Contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265 077 /

20 June: World Refugee Day. Oxfam is supporting people from around the world who’ve been forced to flee their homes. Case studies and spokespeople available for comment on solutions to the migrant crisis. Contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265 077 /

21-25 June: Oxfam at Glastonbury Festival. Oxfam campaigners will be raising awareness about the refugee crisis, via volunteer stewards and in pop-up Oxfam festival shops. Contact Lys Holdoway: +44 1865 472484 / +44 7778 482867 /


7-8 July: G20 leaders summit, Hamburg. Oxfam spokespeople available. Contact: Meg Pruce: +44 7824 824359 /

July TBC: UN summit on family planning, London. Dfid will host an international summit seeking to secure extra funding for family planning. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment on aid and women’s rights. Contact Meg Pruce: +44 1865 472240 / +44 7824 824359 /

July TBCUN report on food crises in South Sudan and Somalia. The UN and aid agencies are expected to report updated analysis of food crisis levels in famine-hit South Sudan and brink-of-famine Somalia. Oxfam is working in both countries providing water and other humanitarian aid. For interviews, case studies or more information please contact Ian Bray: +44 1865 472289 +44 7721 461339 /


19 August: World Humanitarian Day. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment on disasters we are dealing with, in particular the global refugee crisis.  For comment and case studies contact Kai Tabacek: +44 7584 265 077 /



Contact our 24/7 press hotline on: +44 (0)1865 472498 or email