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Campaign success stories

Changing the world, one step at a time.

Changing the world is tough. Whether it's powerful politicians or big businesses we're targeting, it can be hard work persuading people to do the right thing. But every action you take can have a powerful impact on people's lives. Take a moment to savour some campaign successes and know that, with your time and passion, we did this.


Success stories: In brief

Free health care in Sierra Leone

In 2011 Sierra Leone celebrated its first year of free health care for mothers and children under five. And it all started with people like you. Your tireless campaigning helped persuade the UK government to help Sierra Leone and five other developing countries provide free care.

Coal plant plans go up in smoke

E.ON pulled the plug on a controversial, carbon-heavy power station at Kingsnorth in Kent - after you took action as part of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition.

Haiti's debt dropped

Thanks in part to more than 415,000 people who signed the "Drop the Debt" petition in the wake of 2010's devastating earthquake, the World Bank waived Haiti's $36m debt.

Making HIV treatment affordable

Oxfam supporters' determined campaigning paid off in 2009 when a patent pool for HIV drugs was agreed. That means manufacturers can produce affordable versions of the drugs: a major step towards the 33 million people living with HIV and AIDS getting the treatment they need.

Starbucks coffee: a fair price

Nearly 100,000 people contacted Starbucks and asked them to pay Ethiopian farmers a fair price for their coffee beans. Under pressure, eventually Starbucks put people before profits - so we still get to drink great coffee, and the farmers get paid fairly for it. 

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