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Contacting your MP


Politicians in the UK can have a massive influence on redressing global inequality and poverty - not just at home, but also on the international stage like the UN, EU, and G8 - and it's their job to represent you. The most effective way to lobby them is by writing, emailing, and even talking to them in person. So don't be shy, get in contact with your MP today!

Writing to your MP

One of the simplest ways to persuade your MP to support a campaign is to write to them, explaining carefully and rationally why you believe a particular policy or course of action is necessary to tackle poverty.

Guide to writing

  1. Start by finding out who your MP is by visiting

  2. Next, write your letter. You can find out more about Oxfam's latest campaigns by looking at our campaign resources.

  3. Be short and concise (one page maximum), but most of all, remember to be yourself.

  4. Always ask your MP for something that demonstrates their support. Ask them for a signature, to take a stand, or to attend an event etc.

Other ways that you can work with your MP

For more suggestions - including tips on how to meet with your MP and how to invite them to events in your local area - read our in-depth guide to influencing the political process (PDF, 173 KB).


MPs tell us that just 20 individual letters from their constituents makes an issue a priority for them

Getting in touch

If you've got a question about writing to your MP, or would like to know more about activism in your local area, then please contact our team -