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Contacting your local media

If you're planning an event in your community to support one of Oxfam's campaigns, working with newspapers, magazines, and even local radio can help spread your message and build support.

Writing a press release

A press release is a quick and easy way of letting local media know about what you've got planned in support of Oxfam in your community. Follow these tips to write your press release then fill in your postcode below to find out who to contact in your area.

  • Remember that you are essentially telling a story. Spell out the facts, give statistics, and quote names and numbers of people involved. 

  • Centre what you write on the five W's - who, what, why, where, and when. 

  • Headings should be typed in a bold font and centred. Keep it short, snappy and to the point. 

  • Add a quote into your press release to reinforce your story. The quote can be from you! Just remember to keep it brief, providing an overview of the event. If you're writing a quote for somebody else, get their approval before using it. Remember to give the person's full name and job title.

  • Include contact information - give the names and telephone numbers of people a journalist can contact for further information. 

  • Add background information, links to photographs, websites etc. in the 'Notes to Editors' section at the end of your press release.

  •  Take a look at the press releases section of Oxfam's website to see some example press releases.

These tips are taken from our Oxfam's guide to working with local media (PDF, 217KB). Read the full guide here which also includes advice on working with local radio, TV, and magazines.

Find media contacts in your area