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Voices programme: How to apply


Oxfam's Voices programme is for people who are passionate about ending injustice. People who want to develop their media skills to help spread the word about Oxfam's campaigning, development and trading work. Whether you are already involved with Oxfam, a social media guru or simply want to use your voice in your community to talk about Oxfam issues, this programme can give you the support that you need.

Do you want to know how to tweet, blog, write a letter to the editor, a press release, take compelling media photographs or be interviewed by your local radio station? This programme will give you the media skills you are interested in to help make a change in the world.

You might tweet about Oxfam campaigning issues or write a blog. Perhaps you want to know how to effectively contact print or broadcast journalists or help your local shop or campaigning group organise a publicity stunt to tell more people about Oxfam's vital work. It's completely up to you.

The programme is aimed at both new and existing Oxfam supporters of any age who are interested in learning more about media. By taking part, you'll also be committing to a 6-month programme where you will be able to access:

  1. Specialised training - with two training events in late 2012 and early 2013, with media experts from print, social media and broadcast industries in London, Birmingham or Manchester.
  2. A monthly newsletter about the latest campaign news with handy tips, suggestions and inspiration.
  3. Telephone and email mentoring from an Oxfam regional Media Officer
  4. A dedicated online space for resources and updates.

In return we ask that you:

  • Commit to delivering local media coverage and social media promotion for Oxfam's media priorities
  • Take part and promote key Oxfam campaign moments.

How to apply

How to apply:

Write to your local Media Officer, introducing yourself, including any existing media experience and/or skills and why you want to join the programme.