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Behind the Brands


Big food companies need to do more to stop people going hungry. Use your power as a consumer to change the way these global giants treat people and the planet.

The food companies behind your favourite brands have huge power. Their policies drive how food is produced and whether the farmers at the bottom get the support they deserve. But they're not doing enough to ensure everyone is treated fairly and has enough to eat. Join us to challenge the way the world's biggest food companies do business, and build a world where there's enough food for everyone.

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Take action: stop the sugar rush

Too often, the sugar in your favourite food and drink is produced by kicking farmers off their land. Families are losing their livelihoods and people are going hungry. You can get three big food companies - Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods (ABF) - to make sure their sugar doesn't lead to land grabs, and help build a better life for poor farmers.

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We've ranked the biggest 10 companies behind your favourite brands on issues such as land, climate change and workers' rights. The bottom line is they all need to do much better. Have a look at our Behind the Brands scorecard to see how the companies perform, and find out how you can push them to change for the better.

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