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Calling all the heroes


We want to know who your local food heroes are.

People who have been leading the way in promoting positive food choices. Long-term advocates of leftovers, who have been spreading the 'waste-less' message. Seasonal food suppliers. Local foragers and growers, farmers' markets or the switched-on eateries that insist on the best locally-grown, timely supplies.

Nominating your hero

Make sure your food heroes don't remain unsung:

Step one. Get in touch with your hero. Arrange a good time to visit and find out more about them and what they do. Check out the handy questions below to get you started.

Step two. Take some pictures of the protagonists and their projects (remember to get their permission - we've download the permission form below). If you're confident in your directorial abilities, you could take some video footage.

Step three. After your interview, pick out the best bits that tell the story. Be concise. Get the facts across, but  weave in some of your hero's personality too. Fancy being more creative? Share their story through poetry, cartoons, comic strips, poems or songs.

Step four. Email your entry to (We'll only use any data we receive if we need additional details. We won't share it for any other purpose without your prior permission.)