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GROW at the Eden Project


Oxfam has teamed up with the Eden project to help us GROW a better future this summer. Get on down to the Eden Project and take action to fix the broken food system, with the Growing a Better Future exhibit.

About the exhibit


Bringing together the Eden Project's expertise on plants and crops and Oxfam's expertise on creating a fairer food system, the Growing a Better Future exhibition is a creative way to take action on fixing the broken food system. The exhibition is inspired by Oxfam's GROW campaign, and sheds light on climate change, small scale agriculture, land grabs and food price spikes in a fun, interactive way.


The global food system is broken. It's not just drought. Or famine. Or a bad harvest. A whole host of factors such as climate change, land grabs, food price spikes and intensive farming are stopping nearly 900 million - that's 1 in 8 people - worldwide from having enough to eat. Growing a Better Future supports Oxfam's campaigning for a world where no-one has to go to bed hungry.


The interactive exhibit is on site from 21 July until 2 September 2013. Plenty of fantastic volunteers will be on hand to chat about Oxfam's GROW campaign, the exhibit and to answer any questions you might have.

Take action

At Oxfam, we've spent the past 18 months looking at how the world's biggest food companies do business. We've learned that, while 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry, the 10 biggest food companies together generate sales of more than $1 billion a day. These companies have immense power but are failing to use it to help build a world where everyone has enough to eat.

As part of Growing a Better Future, we're calling on you to make a noise and make change. Your favourite food brands care what you think - show them you're passionate about supporting farmers and the planet, and they will listen. Take action today, and sign up to the Behind the Brands campaign.

You can also GROW your very own seeds of change and share your story with us on Facebook.

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