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Help stop land grabs: Share centre

Help spread the word

We've launched a massive campaign to get the World Bank to freeze its investments in big land deals. You can help crank up the pressure online by sharing the tweets, graphics and videos below.

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@worldbank Land grabs lead to hunger+homelessness. Jim Kim, do the right thing & help stop #landgrabs  Tweet

Instead of feeding people large land deals are adding to the 1 bil hungry. See how you can help #landgrabs  Tweet

2/3 of agricultural land deals are in countries with a serious hunger problem #landgrabs  Tweet

Many large land deals are to feed cars rather than people. Want to help change this? #landgrabs  Tweet

Every second, poor countries lose an area of land the size of a football pitch in shady deals #landgrabs  Tweet

In the past decade, an area of land 8 times the size of the UK has been sold off globally #landgrabs  Tweet

In 10 years, land deals have covered an area x4 the size of Spain. This is a problem for poor people #landgrabs  Tweet

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Land grabs in Guatemala

Animation: Beginner's guide to land grabs