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Land grabs: Weekend of Action


Sometimes, just one weekend can make a world of difference. That's why we'd like you to put some very important dates in your diary. 6-9 December is our Weekend of Action on Land Grabs. We'll be doing everything we can to get the injustice of land grabs high on the political agenda - but we can't do it without you.

Why we're taking action on land grabs

Oxfam research shows that big land deals in poor countries often lead to land grabs which leave people homeless and hungry. We're calling on the World Bank to help protect poor people's rights and freeze its investment in land while it sets a fair standard for others to follow. The Bank delivered an official response to Oxfam, has been engaging with us in debates, and they're talking to us about changes they could make. But so far it hasn't announced any decisive action, despite thousands of you signing our petition to its president, Jim Yong Kim. So we need your help over this important weekend to call on our MPs to step in and apply even more pressure. 

What's going on over the Weekend of Action?

Lots! And there's plenty going on at a local level for you to get involved with.

  • Activists will be staging their very own "land grabs" at high profile locations 
  • We'll be sticking 'sold' signs on some of the UK's best-loved landmarks
  • Our volunteers will be on the streets, handing out spoof eviction notices to members of the public
  • People will be tweeting our progress using #landgrabs on Twitter

How you can get involved

Email your regional campaigning team to find out what's going on in your area. Or even to find out how you could stage your own land grab!