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Birth rights

Every week, around 75 women in Ghana die because of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Watch the video above and find out how the vast majority of these deaths are completely preventable, then see how you can help by reading on below.

Why are women dying?

  • There aren't enough qualified health workers.
  • Health facilities are often far from women's homes.
  • Pregnant women don't know they can get free care.
  • Poorer communities rely on traditional, often unqualified, care.

What needs to be done?

  • The government in Ghana needs to invest more to improve and expand government health services and increase the number of health workers, so more women receive good-quality, free health care, especially in rural areas.
  • The UK government needs to fulfil its commitment to give 0.7% of its income to overseas aid, so that Ghana and other poor countries can invest in free maternal healthcare - and save women's lives.

What next?

Check out this introduction to the Birth Rights campaign (PDF, 700 KB). It'll tell you all you need to know about how to get started.

Host a photo exhibition

We've also put together a photo exhibition kit that explains the situation in Ghana. The photo boards can be borrowed from Oxfam's regional offices for display in your community. Please contact us to make an enquiry about loaning the photo boards:

The Birth Rights project is supported by the European Commission.

Take action

Help make sure the UK government keeps its promise to deliver aid to Ghana

Email your MP

Easy guide 

Download our Birth Rights campaign guide and find out how you can raise awareness of the need for decent health care in Ghana.

Download guide (PDF, 700 KB)