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Enough food for everyone IF

Enough Food for Everyone IF: Thank you

After two days of talks, the G8 summit in Northern Ireland closed on Tuesday 18 June. So what did they agree? And will it do any good for the world's poorest people?

G8 summit: Oxfam's verdict

With world leaders meeting up in the UK for the G8 summit, we had a unique opportunity to pressure them into action on some of the major causes of global hunger. We pulled out all the stops - you couldn't miss our G8 'big heads' playing golf or leading flotillas around Lough Erne! But nothing made more of a splash than your amazing support.

Get the full response from the IF campaign here, or read on for a summary of what the G8 have agreed to do about our key concerns:

Tax dodging and transparency

G8 leaders agreed a set of core principles designed to combat tax dodging. They also agreed that this is an issue that should be tackled to help developing countries benefit. They left major unfinished business on a tax deal that benefits the poorest, but we do have a promise that they are committed to doing more.

So what really happened? David Cameron announced that all UK-linked tax havens will join a deal obliging them to share tax information when poor countries ask. The G8 also agreed that any global tax deal should involve developing countries so they can get the information they need to claim the tax owed to them - funds which could be spent dealing with hunger and malnutrition. And they agreed that it is no longer acceptable for information on who owns companies and trusts to be hidden from the authorities.

What the G8 didn't do was to set out details and deadlines on including poor countries, and with lives on the line this is of critical importance.

Although there is still major unfinished business, and we would have liked to have seen more progress on tackling tax dodging, this is still a good step in the right direction - and only you made it possible.

Land grabs

Putting land grabs on to the G8 agenda for the very first time is a great achievement, and the G8 committed to improving transparency of land investments, as well as setting up partnerships with developing countries to help make buying, selling and owning land fairer.

This really is down to you - without your loud and persistent campaigning, this issue would never have been discussed - so thank you again. There is still a long way to go before we put a stop to large scale land grabs, but this is an important step in the right direction.

Thank you.

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