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Oxfam Connects 2012

Supporters attending Oxfam Connects 2012

Oxfam Connects 2012 was a great success! Supporters, staff and trustees spent the day discussing and evaluating Oxfam's past and future work.

We heard updates about the GROW campaign, our work in East Africa and how we're fighting poverty in the UK. We also discussed Oxfam's new global brand, how we can make the most of our shop network in the UK and our future fundraising plans. 

If you would like to watch any of the presentations from Oxfam Connects 2012, we have posted them all in our video library below.

Thank you

Thank you to all those who took part in Connects 2012 - those who submitted questions, watched videos, or posted their comments - you helped to make the event a real success. Oxfam's senior managers will now take away comments and questions from the day, to feed them into our future plans.

Your questions answered

At Oxfam, we love getting questions from our supporters: listening to you makes us better at what we do. Read our responses to your most commonly asked questions.

Oxfam Connects 2012 videos

Introducing Oxfam Connects 2012 with Barbara Stocking

3 cash case studies from around the world with Nupur Kukrety

Oxfam's GROW campaign with Phil Bloomer

Oxfam shops with Andrew Horton at Oxfam Connects

East Africa presentation with Jane Cocking

Fundraising in the economic crisis with Sioned Jones

Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme with Chris Johnes

Barbara Stocking's closing remarks at Oxfam Connects 2012

All videos can also be found in their own dedicated YouTube playlist.

If you couldn't make it, or are coming in late, check out the full agenda for the day to find out what what was going on, and view the PowerPoint presentation used.