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Festival Campaigners FAQs

Please read through the FAQs to find out essential information about campaigning at festivals with Oxfam. These will be updated throughout the festival season.

  • Have you started recruiting campaigners yet?

    Festival Campaigning applications open in March, and will close when we have reached the required quota. If you are not selected to campaign and you have not applied to steward with Oxfam at festivals you should be informed within a month of applying.

  • How long will it be before I find out whether I have been accepted ?

    When you have paid your deposit and submitted your application, you will a confirmation email from Oxfam. The email will let you know we have received your application form and that your payment has been processed.

    If you do not receive an email about your deposit payment or the Oxfam payment email states that your deposit was not authorised, you must call 0300 200 1300 the next working day, with your credit or debit card to hand. We will try to process the deposit again for you over the phone. Please keep your confirmation emails safe.

    We will review all applications a few weeks after launch and aim to get back to you to confirm festival places within a month. Feedback time for applications made after this may vary, so please refer to the website for updated response times during the season. You will then be sent a second email to tell you whether you have been successful. If successful, you will receive a further email with details of the training you will be attending and details of the festivals that you have been provisionally accepted to campaign at.

    If your application has not been successful and you would then like to apply to steward with Oxfam instead, you must contact us so that we can adjust your status on our application database.

  • After I have made my payment, what happens to my money?

    It can take up to three working days for the money to leave your account, so please make sure the funds are available during that time. Your money will be held in a holding account until you have completed your last shift. Within a month of confirming that you have carried out all your shifts satisfactorily, we will attempt to refund you.

    Through this process, we will not be holding any bank or credit card details - these will all be held by SmartPay. All we will have is a transaction record stating that the money has been transferred to our holding account.

  • How does the waiting list work?

    Once the positions are filled, you can put yourself on the waiting list by using the link on the webpage. If we are able to take more Campaigners and decide to reopen any festivals, we will contact people directly to let them know.

  • How many hours will I have to volunteer?

    Festival Campaigners will be expected to complete four shifts, each shift lasting around six hours, and you'll get a break for lunch. Shifts may involve several different activities to keep them interesting.

  • Do I need to complete any training to be a festival campaigner?

    Yes, once we have confirmed your place with you, we will send you details of the online webinar that you must attend. It will normally happen the week before the festival you are attending. We will also carry out an additional on-site training and team-building session before each festival opens.

  • When will I get my deposit back?

    The deposit will be refunded directly back to the card that you paid it from, and we will aim to process all refunds within four weeks of the last festival at which you volunteer. It can then take up to ten days for the money to credit your account.

    If for any reason the payment is rejected by your account, there will inevitably be a delay while we investigate and we appreciate your cooperation and patience in these rare occurrences.

  • What is the policy on cancellations?

    If you cancel before the festival, we will aim to refund you within a month of your last festival. If you are not stewarding or campaigning at any other festival, we aim to refund you - minus an admin fee - within three weeks of your cancelling your place.

    If you cancel one festival before the cancellation date, you will lose £20 of your deposit.

    If you cancel two or more festivals before the cancellation date, on separate occasions, you will lose £20 deposit per cancellation, up to your full deposit. If you cancel two or more festivals before the cancellation date on the same occasions, you will only lose £40 of your deposit.

    If you cancel one or more festivals after their cancellation dates, you will lose your full deposit.

    If you cancel one or more festivals after the cancellation date, but have a place at a future festival, we may contact you to assess your reliability for future festivals. If we decide to keep your place at a future festival and you work all your shifts, you will only lose £40 of your deposit.

    If you don't turn up to one or more festivals and don't contact the office to let us know, you will forfeit your full deposit, and be denied from applying to future festivals with Oxfam, and other Glastonbury festival volunteering organisations. If you are cancelling due to an illness, we will hold your deposit until we see a valid doctor's note.

    If you have to cancel, but have a friend willing to take your place, we're sorry but we are not able to transfer deposits from one steward volunteer to another. Your friend will need to apply independently.

  • Can I bring children to the festival?

    Oxfam's general policy on bringing children to festivals is:

    • a. Each working adult volunteering with us can bring two children under the age of 13, as long as they can arrange for childcare whilst they are working their shift. There is a form to complete, as part of the application process, which is linked within the festival you are applying for on Stage 4.

    • No children can accompany their parents on shift.

    • No child is to be left unsupervised in the Oxfam camping area. If any Festival Campaigner's child is found to be disruptive or disturbing other volunteers you may be asked to camp elsewhere in the festival.

    • Any children brought onto site are the responsibility of their parents/guardians.

    • No child under the age of 18 can be involved in Festival Campaigning.

    Children may be required to wear specific wristbands/laminates to identify them as children of volunteers.If you wish to bring your children, you need to ensure someone who is not campaigning with Oxfam will be able to look after them whilst you are on shift as volunteer shifts all run at the same time.

    In addition, each working adult may also bring up to two children between the ages of 13-18 if they have purchased a festival ticket, to camp in the campaigner's Oxfam area. You will also need to indicate this on the children's form (PDF, 22 KB).

    However, please note that each festival's policy on bringing children is different. If you are thinking about bringing children please visit the festival's website to check their specific policy.

  • I am a person with disabilities, can I still apply to campaign?

    Yes. Please indicate what your disability is on your application form and if you need us to adapt your job role.

  • Do campaigners have to be onsite for as long as stewards ?

    We ask Festival Campaigners to arrive at least the day before the festival opens to the public, to help us set up and prepare our Festival Campaigning activities. The dates that we want people on-site for each festival are set out in the Festival Campaigner Application Pack (PDF, 286 KB). Unlike the stewards, when the festival is open Festival Campaigners are only on shift during the day. The final shift will be on Sunday, and after the debrief and a bit of packing down you will be free to leave the site, or enjoy the last night in style!

    Festival Campaigners will usually be expected to complete four shifts, each shift lasting around six hours, and you'll get a break for lunch.

  • I have a live-in vehicle (campervan/caravan), can I bring that on-site?

    This varies from festival to festival. At some festivals live-in vehicles are allowed, but will be in the public campervan fields, at others, they will be in the Oxfam or general staff camping. Please note: many festivals have strict rules to define a campervan so please do not expect to be able to just sleep in the back of a car or transit van in the campervan field. If you bring a caravan, you will be directed to park your car in a separate car park once you have parked up.

    You must tell us that you will be bringing a campervan or caravan in your online application so that we can order any relevant passes for you.

  • Are meals provided?

    You will be given one meal ticket per shift you complete, i.e four meal tickets. These will be redeemable at a specific caterer, generally crew catering provided by either the festival or Oxfam.

  • When can I find out when my shifts are?

    Shift allocations tend to be carried out on the day we arrive at the festival, therefore you will be told what shifts you are doing when you arrive on site. This information will not be available via phone or by emailing us.

  • Can I change my shift time?

    As all campaigners work the same shift times changing shift time is not possible. If you have any problem with being able to complete your shift you will need to talk directly to the Oxfam Campaigns staff onsite as soon as possible.

  • Can I be a campaigner supervisor?

    This applies to stewarding only - we don't have these as we work in small groups decided onsite.

  • Can I do my shifts with my friends?

    Festival Campaigning places are allocated according to whether you meet the selection criteria. There is no guarantee that because you have a place, your friend will also have one, so please be prepared to be working with people that you don't know. We work in small groups decided onsite and we mix these up over the week so you'll be working with lots of different people.

  • What is the difference between a festival steward and a campaigner?

    Oxfam is paid by the festival organisers to provide volunteer stewards to perform a vital service. The role of stewarding forms an integral part of the festival safety system, and failure to work our shifts or fulfil our duties can seriously compromise the safety and welfare of both the festival public and other workers.

    Oxfam is bringing a number of voluntary Festival Campaigners to each festival who help co-ordinate and promote a variety of fun, interactive Oxfam initiatives, aimed at encouraging festival goers to get involved with us and find out more about our work. To find out more information about the role of a Festival Campaigner, please download our Festival Campaigner Application Pack (PDF, 286 KB).

  • What will happen to the information I give you ?

    Once we receive your application, the information will be stored on our database. We will use the information to allocate you to festivals and roles, and to facilitate your attendance at the festivals. We will share your names with the organisers of the festivals you are going to for them to issue relevant passes for volunteers to enter the festival and obtain car passes. For some festivals we will share your name and date of birth with the police to allow them to carry out PNC checks. You are asked to agree to this on your application form.

    If you have expressed an interest in finding out more about Oxfam, we will share your details with other departments within Oxfam. We will not share your personal information with anyone else.

  • Where will I camp?

    You will be offered Oxfam camping in a separate area away from the public camping. You don't have to camp in the Oxfam camping. It is a bonus offered to Oxfam volunteers, but you can camp in the public areas, or anywhere else you might have arranged your own access to, if they are open when you arrive.

  • Will I be able to camp with my family or friends?

    If your friends or family are Oxfam volunteers, you will be able to camp together. If you are planning to go to the festival with public ticket holders, or people working for other organisations on-site, they will not be able to camp in the Oxfam camping area, as these are secure areas requiring specific ID to get in. If you want to bring children, please email us at to check arrangements.

    You will experience difficulties if you travel to site with public ticket holders before the gates are open, as non-workers will not have access to festival sites before the gates open.

  • Not found what you're looking for?

    Not found what you're looking for? Please contact us by phone: 0300 200 1266 or email: