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Fundraising in 2013

Support Oxfam in 2013 by fundraising while having fun. There are loads of ways to raise money and change lives around the world - here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Top 3 fundraising ideas this month

  1. Indoor/gym marathon. Get active with your friends by competing in an indoor marathon challenge. Set yourselves a target distance and combine all of your miles on the treadmill to reach your mileage goal or mix it up by letting people swim or bike. Ask people to donate for every mile you cover!.
  2. Zumba fundraiser. Join in the trend that's sweeping the nation and ask a local Zumba instructor to donate their time for Oxfam. Either put on your own Zumba night or ask the instructor to donate the entry fees from one of their regular classes and get all your family and friends to attend.
  3. Get sponsored to keep your New Year's resolution. Whether it's to quit smoking, stop swearing, lose weight or something completely different, you could raise life changing money while becoming the new you. Strangely enough some people are prepared to pay large amounts of cash to see their friends keep a resolution. Setting up a fundraising page is simple and allows people to add gift aid to their donations.

Read our weekly blog posts with top fundraising tips from staff and volunteers, as well as suggestions on how you can make more happen.

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