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Aimia Work for Oxfam Day

Join Oxfam's Bangladesh Disaster Management team for the day

Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Much of the country is low-lying, and increasingly frequent and extreme floods are expected to worsen as climate change affects sea levels, making floods deeper and longer lasting and hitting the poorest parts of the country hardest. 

Together, we're aiming to help vulnerable people living in extreme poverty build a safer, more prosperous future.

On 12 September Aimia employees can sign up to work alongside us to fight poverty in Bangladesh.

With your help, we can reach more families like Sufia’s, who face devastating cyclones and floods every year.

Simply click on the link in your email to sign up

By donating a portion of your income today, you can help people bring themselves out of poverty and prepare themselves for the future.

Job Roles

Country Director

"I'm Gareth, the Country Director for Bangladesh. Our team assists around half a million people a year. We work with 83 local organisations and 500 other partners, including the Government of Bangladesh, businesses, campaigners and farmers groups.
"My job is to ensure that the whole programme is well managed and we secure the resources we need to maximise impact in a strategic way. I lead a team of around 100 people across programme management, accounting, humanitarian response and fundraising.
"The challenges are immense, because the problem and the solutions required are complex - but this means the job is varied, exciting and challenging.

What I really want to change is the way we address poverty - shifting from making poverty a little more bearable, to transforming Bangladesh so that everyone has the choices and opportunities I and my family have been able to take for granted. It may sound idealistic but I genuinely think it is possible within 20-50 years!"



"My name is Parish. I keep my colleagues and our partners safe and comfortable when they travel around the country to see projects. I make sure our vehicles are working effectively and efficiently, and monitor our fuel use and mileage.
"Travelling in Bangladesh can be very difficult. In monsoon season it is easy to travel by boat, but in dry season we have to drive more. Roads are not good and there are lots of nasty accidents. I am proud that I have never had an accident in this job.

Programme Officer


My name is Alex. My job is to oversee our programme in north Bangladesh. I work with partners such as Pollisree to achieve our objectives on budget and on time. I make sure our projects reach the right people and are effective, to make sure we spend Oxfam's money in the best way possible. I report back to colleagues and donors on our achievements and needs, and I support fundraising objectives. I love to work with people; it connects me with my country.


My name is Shamim; I am the Executive Director of Pollisree, Oxfam's partner in Dinajpur region.
Pollisree was established to empower women. Oxfam is one of our closest partners. We've worked with them to empower women and indigenous communities, giving them access to services and equality in their community. We also help people be better prepared for disasters.
I build relationships with donors, partners, communities, media and government to promote our aims and values. As a lone woman it would be very difficult for me to stand against this discrimination, so I - along with women leaders - formed this organisation to help establish women's rights.

Community Leader

My name is Rubina Begum; I am the president of my village Community-Based Organisation. Before we had insufficient information about our rights and available services such as healthcare and welfare; and we were being hit by floods and cyclones, losing our crops, jobs and loved ones.
Oxfam's partner talked to us to identify our problems, how we made an income, what food we were able to grow, and how many people were fit to work. We wanted to find our own way out of our situation, but we needed some help. We unanimously agreed to form a committee to work with Oxfam. Since then our village has been transformed. We work together to bring up our village, and we have hope for the future.

Alias D Rozario, Accounts Officer, Oxfam in Bangladesh

My name is Alias. My job is to provide a proactive and efficient financial service to Oxfam's programme in Bangladesh, and to ensure financial systems and procedures are working effectively. I facilitate day to day financial transaction processing, and maintain our accounting database for cash transactions to ensure we can account for every taka we spend.

Farhana Hafiz, Emergency Food Security and Livelihood Co-ordinator

I've worked at Oxfam for seven years, but only recently joined the humanitarian team. In my earlier work, I was involved in the We Can campaign, which breaks through the silence surrounding domestic violence. That campaign is now a huge social movement, with one million change makers involved - so I'm proud to have been part of the whole process.
 More broadly, Oxfam's work in Bangladesh focuses on changing people's attitudes and beliefs, as well as on community development and campaigning. We help people develop leadership skills and earn a better living, as well as supporting projects that improve people's resilience to disasters. 

Engineer Mohammad Ali, Public Health Engineer

I provide technical support to all emergency projects, water and sanitation projects, and long-term development programs. I make sure we have enough contingency stock of emergency water and sanitation equipment across Bangladesh in case of a cyclone or flooding. In an emergency I assess the worst-hit areas and ensure we are utilising our equipment in the best possible ways.
We always try to look for ways we can develop our water and sanitation technologies, and we share this information with our colleagues around the world. I also work to train our partner organisations in humanitarian response and I maintain a learning portal they can all use. I am very proud to be working to improve life for the distressed and disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.

Media and Communication Coordinator

I am Abdul. I store information from relevant program staff and disseminate information to internal and external audiences using different channels. My background in journalism always keeps my nose busy for news. While ensuring we get media coverage, I make sure my colleagues use Oxfam branding correctly. I also focus on partners' capacity-building in dealing with media.
I enjoy working with diverse audiences, from local partners to BBC journalists. This can be a challenge sometimes, especially when there are several requests at the same time. Whatever responsibilities I have, I always try to create change. With the help of my line manager and other colleagues, I am introducing different tools for media engagement and communication.

You can work for Oxfam too

Simply click on the link in your email to sign up

By donating a portion of your income today, you can help people bring themselves out of poverty and prepare themselves for the future.