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Charity Engine

Oxfam is pleased to partner with Charity Engine, a grid computing system that raises money for good causes automatically.

You can download an app that will sit quietly in the background of your PC, donating surplus processing power to the Charity Engine grid.

It works by breaking down huge computing jobs into tiny pieces, or tasks, each small and simple enough for a home PC to work on in the background. Charity Engine are then paid for completing 'the big job' - usually research projects for science and industry - and all the profits shared 50-50 between ten charities and a prize draw for the users (those people who've signed up their PCs to do the work).

The result? Money for Oxfam, cash prizes for lucky users, and the knowledge that your PC is doing something really worthwhile, all the time. 

So why not download the software and put your idle PC to work? Just go to and use invite code OXF. It takes less than 60 seconds to install and you never have to do anything else.

More about how Charity Engine works.

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