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Emergency support

At any one time, Oxfam is responding to around 25 emergencies worldwide, requiring an enormous logistical resource network. Oxfam 365 is a coalition of partners who are supporting Oxfam's emergency response in ways suitable and appropriate to them.

From providing upfront funds, gift in kind support, or access to publicise our appeals to their customers.  All of these enable Oxfam to respond immediately. It is a smart solution to supporting our emergency work, covering a broad range of activities such as disaster risk reduction, emergency warehouse stocks and funding our immediate response. 

Case studies



Aviva is a founding member of Oxfam 365, partnering with Oxfam in a high-level strategic relationship to support Oxfam's ongoing emergency work.  Support from companies like Aviva means we can keep our emergency warehouse stocked, and employ specialists to ensure our emergency response is efficient and effective. 

Marks and Spencer


M&S have supported a number of Oxfam emergency appeals since the Indonesian Tsunami in 2004. More recently, since 2010 this includes the Haiti earthquake, the flooding in Pakistan and the East Africa Food crisis. As well as making a donation themselves, M&S also linked from their homepage of their website to a dedicated landing page on so we could take donations from their customers. They also raised awareness of the emergency by talking about it on their Twitter and Facebook pages.    

British Airways

British Airways

BA made a very special contribution to Oxfam's response to the East Africa Food Crisis when it transported emergency supplies and equipment to Ethiopia, where over half a million people are directly at risk of food shortages. A Boeing 747 freighter with capacity for up to 110 tonnes of cargo, left the UK for Addis Ababa on 12 August 2011. This vital support came shortly after British Airways had supported the Haiti earthquake relief effort in 2010 with a similar significant contribution.



PayPal supported Oxfam's emergency response to the Haiti earthquake by emailing 5.6 million customers. The email generated £910,000 in 48 hours and 39,000 new supporters for Oxfam.