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Oxfam Collects at Work - Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in Oxfam Collects at Work. In a few easy steps you can make a big difference to the clutter in your cupboards and Oxfam's fight against poverty.

Step 1: Download everything you need

Print these posters and put them up around your workplace (coffee areas, lifts, noticeboards).

Using the Oxfam Collects launch text below, let everyone know how they can join in.  It would be great if people could also consider signing up to Gift Aid at to make their donations worth 25% more to Oxfam.  

Oxfam Collects "How it works" poster (PDF 283KB)

Oxfam Collects "Drop off point" poster (PDF 249KB)

Oxfam Collects "What we donate" poster (PDF 228KB)

Oxfam Collects "Time for a declutter" poster (PDF 276KB)

Oxfam Collects "The impact of your donations" poster (PDF 172KB)

Oxfam Collects "Write your own message" poster (PDF 1KB)

Oxfam Collects launch text (DOC 25KB)

Step 2: Get donating

Pick a spot in your workplace to be the drop-off point for donations.

When your colleagues sign up they'll receive a personalised set of stickers to attach to their bags. Motivate them with ideas of the things we'd like: the DVDs they won't watch again, the paperback they've already read... could pay for clean drinking water or more of Oxfam's world-famous, award-winning buckets to store it.

What to donate

Step 3: Arrange a collection

Please get in touch with our helpful Shop Support Team on 0300 2001 333 to arrange a convenient collection.

Step 4: Feel the impact

Celebrate your success. We'll send everyone who signs up a personalised report telling them how much they've raised for Oxfam and what that could achieve. From schoolbooks to safe water, better crops and jobs, your donations will help us tackle poverty long into the future.

Please get in touch with any questions at We'll be happy to help.