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Work for Oxfam Day

Fancy being a water engineer? Hygiene promoter? Being a life-saver… without leaving your day job? Now you can. 

Work for Oxfam Day is Oxfam's employee-giving initiative, enabling you and your colleagues to saves lives by donating an hour, half a day, or a day's pay. On a dedicated day your company has chosen, you'll be working alongside us to help fight poverty across the world.

And you don't even have to leave your desk.

Video: Work for Oxfam day

Video: Work for Oxfam day

How it works

Work for Oxfam Day is really simple - we'll provide everything you need to carry it out and we can provide extras like team-building exercises if that's what you want.

Once your organisation has agreed to do it and set a date, we'll provide a registration web page for people, some posters and fun stuff to really make you feel part of our work and explain how your money will help, and an email from the CEO or Senior Management, encouraging staff to sign up.

On the day itself we'll send out an email - all you'll have to do is click on the link and choose your shift. Or delete if you don't want to participate.

We'll liaise with your HR department to ensure everything's correct, and then…

The donation comes from your next payslip. It works through Payroll Giving - most organisations have this already, but don't worry if you don't. We'll help you set it up.

We'll let you know how much you've raised and how that will help people across the world.

Not enough? If you want to make a song and dance of Work for Oxfam Day, we can do that too. Team-building exercises, learning activities, talks and films - we'll work with you to provide the day you're looking for.

If you want to take part in Work for Oxfam Day, send us an email and we'll call you back.

Who you'll be working with

When you give to Oxfam, you're part of the wider Oxfam team. That means you're fighting poverty alongside some amazing people.

What your day's work can buy