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Philanthropic giving offers you a crucial role in helping Oxfam fight poverty. Whether it's giving a large donation or giving business advice to smallholders in the developing world - there are many ways for people with exceptional wealth or skills to support Oxfam.

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Annual report and accounts

Our Annual Report and Accounts detail how we've performed against our objectives.

Annual Report and Accounts

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Oxfam is currently working towards full compliance to the transparency standards of the  International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). 

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Get in touch

James Webb - Partnerships with Individuals.
Contact me to find out more about how we work with philanthropists to create sustainable change for the world's poorest communities. / +44 (0)1865 473965

Liz Lyle - Trusts and Foundations
Contact me if you'd like to discuss supporting Oxfam through your Trust or Foundation. / 07946 597433.

Angus Nelson - Oxfam in Scotland
Contact me to discuss supporting Oxfam in Scotland.