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Cambodia: Liquid assets

Som Socheat works as a hygiene champion in her village in Kampong Thom and carries out home visits within her community, as well as holding group hygiene sessions.

Funding target: £166,000

Year 3 of a 3 year project
In Cambodia, less than one third of the population have access to safe drinking water. The only water sources available often carry deadly diseases. With your help, Oxfam can support women to run enterprises purifying and selling clean water.

About the project

Turn selling safe water into a way out of poverty for women in Cambodia

Working through local partner organisations, this ground-breaking project will support women to set up viable enterprises to purify and sell safe water in Kampong Thom and Kratie provinces.

With your support we aim to:

  • Empower women to start their own clean water businesses and lead on improving hygiene in their communities;
  • Improve community health by promoting good hygiene and providing innovative, safe water solutions powered by solar energy;
  • Make clean water, good hygiene and disaster preparedness priorities for communities and local authorities.

Who will benefit

Around 22,600 people, including 1,600 children, will directly benefit from improved hygiene knowledge. Additionally, 13,500 people will enjoy low-cost, safe water from nine water plants, and the 27 women who run their own businesses will earn improved incomes and have higher status in their communities. Approximately 50,000 people will indirectly benefit from the public health messages promoted through schools and radio programmes, as well as greater local authority investment in disaster preparedness measures.

How we are helping

Reth's story

Reth Yoeun, a village health promoter from Tapaong village, Kampong Svay commune, Kampong Thom. Im Kim/APA

 I really notice the improvements in our village. It is cleaner and children wash their hands before eating. The majority of households are now drinking boiled water and look forward to buying clean water [from the new water production plants], because boiling it takes so long. Today, people are aware of what causes sickness like diarrhoea, typhoid, and dengue. I am very proud of my role in changing the poor health situation in my village.

With Oxfam's support Reth was trained to conduct hygiene sessions in 2012, which have helped change hygiene behaviour in the village.

Photo: Im Kim/APA

The budget


If you would like to learn more, download the full project details here (PDF, 1.26MB).

Inspired to make a difference?

By giving directly to this project you can be sure you are transforming people's lives. All of the money you give will go towards turning selling safe water into a way out of poverty for women in Cambodia. Get in touch to find out how you can help.

(if applicable)

Individual donors:

Emma Learner -
01865 472108

Trusts and Foundations:

Kylie Sheaf - 
01865 473578


Peter William Hall -
01865 473445

If you're based in Scotland:

Angus Nelson -
0141 285 8863

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