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Kenya: Water on tap

Eight-year-old Etirae Nakali smiles as the first drops of fresh water are piped out of the borehole in the village of Nawoyatir in the Lapur district of Lokitaung in Turkana.

Funding target: £350,000

Year 3 of a 3 year project
In Turkana, northern Kenya, only 15% of the largely nomadic population has a reliable water supply. With your help, we can build and renovate wells, and train communities to maintain them, providing clean, dependable sources of water to 35,000 people.

About the project

Help bring a reliable source of clean, safe water to Turkana's nomadic communities

Building on the work undertaken in the last two years, and working alongside communities and government authorities, we will deliver sustainable water supplies to 18 drought-prone communities in Turkana. This life-saving project will also reduce levels of disease and help to increase people's livelihood options to bring about long-term change.

With your support we aim to:

  • Improve the availability of clean safe drinking water in an environmentally sustainable way, through building or renovating water points;
  • Reduce the risk of water-related infections and diseases;
  • Ensure the effective future management and maintenance of water sources by local communities, especially women. 

Who will benefit

Over 25,000 of the most vulnerable people in the region will benefit directly from Oxfam's activities in year three of the project, with over 50,000 people benefitting over the three years in total. The project will particularly benefit women and children as they are traditionally responsible for collecting water and are therefore most impacted by the lack of accessible water.

How we are helping

Florence's story

With Oxfam's support, Florence Amekui, a 32 year old mother of four, can now grow her own crops.

 Before a hybrid pump was installed [in 2012], monthly water tariffs for each person in the community were as high as Ksh. 150 (£1.08). Now we are happy that we are able to use our money to invest in the future. With the money saved, we have been able to buy seeds to cultivate food. We use water from the borehole to irrigate the crops, so we no longer rely on food distributions. I am very grateful to Oxfam for supporting us.

This project has replaced a costly, diesel fuelled water system in Kaikor, Turkana North, with a hybrid pump, ensuring that people have access to reliable, affordable safe water. This new pump is significantly reducing the cost of accessing water, and is enabling the community to invest their time and money in agriculture to ensure food is available for people to eat.

Photo: Naomi Etyang/Oxfam

The budget


If you would like to learn more, download the full project details here (PDF, 1.15MB).

Inspired to make a difference?

By giving directly to this project you can be sure you are transforming people's lives. All of the money you give will go towards helping provide people in Kenya with clean water. Get in touch to find out how you can help.


Individual donors:

Emma Learner -
01865 472108

Trusts and Foundations:

Kylie Sheaf - 
01865 473578


Peter William Hall -
01865 473445

If you're based in Scotland:

Angus Nelson -
0141 285 8863

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