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Liberia: Fresh thinking

The Kpehe family outside their home in the Fiamah community of Monrovia. The Kpehes were one of the first families to have a household toilet installed through Oxfam's project.

Funding target: £113,000

Year 2 of a 2 year project

18% of deaths in Liberia are caused by water-borne diseases. The need for improved water and sanitation, particularly in the capital's slums, is critical. With your support, we will provide innovative solutions that will save lives. 

About the project

Two devastating civil wars not only set back Liberia's development, but helped accelerate the migration of thousands of people into urban areas, especially around Monrovia, the capital. However damaged and inadequate infrastructure failed to address the increasing demand for water and sanitation, leading to epidemics of deadly diseases such as cholera. With less than 5% of Monrovia's one million people having access to a toilet connected to the sewer system, public and household toilets are urgently needed in the densely populated informal settlements to prevent outbreaks from recurring.

With this support we aim to:

  • Reduce disease rates, by installing community sanitation facilities and promoting good hygiene and sanitation practices;
  • Encourage the uptake of innovative and organic tiger worm home toilets;
  • Ensure the effective future management of sanitation facilities by local communities.

Who will benefit?

Over the two years of the project, around 720 people are expected to benefit directly from access to toilets in or near their homes and from training given to sanitation committee members. Approximately 30,000 people will benefit indirectly as a result of house visits to improve hygiene, and public messaging on sanitation.

How we are helping

Rebecca's story

 The government public toilets were bad, very dirty, but you had to use them. If you didn't wash your hands you would have a runny stomach and cholera. At the old public toilets there was no water to wash with and no soap, so when you finished, you just went about your normal work. But because of my new home toilet and the training workshop, I'm dedicated to washing my hands after every use.

Rebecca belongs to one of the families benefiting from Oxfam's project to provide households with home toilets. 

Photo: Kieran Doherty

The budget


If you would like to learn more, download the full project details here (PDF, 1.14MB).

Inspired to make a difference?

By giving directly to this project you can be sure you are transforming people's lives. All of the money you give will go towards helping vulnerable communities in Liberia. Get in touch to find out how you can help.


Individual donors:

Emma Learner -
01865 472108

Trusts and Foundations:

Kylie Sheaf - 
01865 473578


Peter William Hall -
01865 473445

If you're based in Scotland:

Angus Nelson -
0141 285 8863

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