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Global: Life-saving innovation

Through our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Innovation Fund, Oxfam is responding to the need for innovative new developments in the sector.

Funding target: £448,000

More than one-in-three people still lack basic sanitation, and the knowledge of good hygiene. By investing in Oxfam's Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Innovation Fund, you will support the latest technologies and approaches that can save hundreds of thousands of lives and livelihoods globally.

About the project

Protect lives and livelihoods worldwide by supporting innovations in water, sanitation and hygiene

Oxfam's Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Innovation Fund encourages creative in-country ideas from among our engineers and public health promoters, local experts and organisations, using their experience and talent to address current priority gaps and challenges for WASH. To date, 13 pilot projects have received seed funding, with notable success. This year, we are looking to build on this experience to support eight more groundbreaking projects that demonstrate innovative thinking, approaches and technologies.

With your support we aim to:

  • Encourage creative thinking to find new WASH approaches and technologies to identify and address gaps in knowledge and practice, through supporting eight pilot innovation projects across the world;
  • Develop a body of evidence and field-tested research, by documenting the outcomes of pilot interventions, and promote their rapid uptake and development by communities and organisations;
  • Enable a permanent change in the water, sanitation and public health sector by documenting and widely sharing lessons and learning, to help save hundreds of thousands of lives and livelihoods globally.

Who will benefit?

The Fund will support vulnerable communities in any of the 35 countries where Oxfam has WASH programmes, with the potential to lift people out of poverty through research or innovation. Due to the Fund's flexibility, the exact number of beneficiaries or locations where projects will be supported cannot be indicated at this stage. Each pilot project is expected to directly benefit tens of thousands of people, particularly women and children who are most affected by a lack of accessible clean water or sanitation.

How we are helping

Case study

Much of Bangladesh suffers from frequent flooding, coastal storm surges and devastating tropical cyclones. 

When disaster strikes, trying to access clean water is a huge problem for thousands of families. Working with a local NGO, Integrated Approach for Community Development (IACD), Oxfam supported the development of a water filtration system, the 'Chulli' Water Purifier, for individual households, which can purify water in a reliable and cost-effective way. The filter works by passing water through a modified household stove to heat it, and when used correctly by families has been proven to kill the micro-organisms such as E.coli that cause diarrhoeal disease.


The budget


If you would like to learn more, download the full project details here (PDF, 1.12MB).

Inspired to make a difference?

By giving directly to this project you can be sure you are transforming people's lives. All of the money you give will go towards supporting innovations in water, sanitation and hygiene. Get in touch to find out how you can help.


Individual donors:

Emma Learner -
01865 472108

Trusts and Foundations:

Kylie Sheaf - 
01865 473578


Peter William Hall -
01865 473445

If you're based in Scotland:

Angus Nelson -
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