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Campaign Group Coordinator


Oxfam Campaign Groups focus on raising the profile of Oxfam's campaigns within their town or city and on making links with local politicians and organisations. Oxfam's current campaigns focus on food justice, including the impacts of climate change on the poorest in the world, food security, and ensuring access to decent health and education services for everyone in developing countries. We are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to become a Group Coordinator and assist in the establishment of the Aberdeen Oxfam group. They will take responsibility for raising the profile of Oxfam's campaigns with the local MP and ensuring that local campaigns empower people to become politically engaged.


You should be able to offer at least four hours per week which can be worked flexibly.

Key responsibilities:

Ensure the local Oxfam group has regular contact with the local politicians. This could involve arranging letter-writing meetings, or lobbying meetings at key moments (such as to encourage them to publicly support a campaign, or promote an EDM or policy ask in parliament) - involving other group members.

Send the MP updates on our campaigns and asking them to raise issues with their colleagues in Parliament.

Act as "eyes and ears" in the local area, alerting Oxfam staff and local Oxfam activists to events and developments and working with the local group to make the most of opportunities to make their voices heard.

Work with the media volunteer in the group to keep local media informed of Oxfam's campaigns and local activity, and act as a spokesperson for local media when required.

Skills and competencies:

You are passionate about Oxfam's campaigns and committed to keeping up to date with information

You are articulate and confident about approaching politicians, the media etc.

You have a basic understanding of the local political context.

You have regular and easy access to a computer and the internet.

You have good verbal and written communications skills.

What this role can offer the volunteer:

The opportunity to join in Oxfam's work to overcome poverty and injustice.

Practical experience in campaigning and community engagement.

You will be offered training in campaign skills, political lobbying and media campaigning by campaigners working in these specialisms within Oxfam.

We will provide resources to help you communicate your messages and share information, including fact-sheets, Q&As, online tools and opportunities to blog for Oxfam.

We will reimburse local travel expenses and lunch costs in-line with Oxfam's policy.


Sara Cowan, Campaigns and Activist Coordinator

0141 285 8874

Application process:

Contact the above e-mail address to request an application form.   






Application deadline:

21 August 2013

Interview date:

To be confirmed.

Start date:

From August 2013 onwards.


  • Scotland


  • Home and community

Work Days:

  • Weekdays
  • Weekends

Work Times:

  • Day Time