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Oxfam in Sierra Leone

Gbessay Sesay practices her tailoring skills at the Grassroots Skills Training Centre in Freetown. Photo: Aubrey Wade

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Mustapha Abu, Women's Economic Leadership Project Co-ordinator

 Sierra Leone is a country with high levels of poverty and deprivation. Discrimination against women is widespread, and as a result women often struggle to influence the decisions that affect their lives. So my work focuses on empowering women and on giving them the skills - and therefore the confidence - they need to make their voices heard.

Similarly, Oxfam in Sierra Leone also works on helping people form co-operatives, so they can work together more efficiently and join forces to bring about change. And we support people to increase crop production by providing high quality seeds and teaching people about the best farming methods.

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Sierra Leone (PDF, 261KB)

Campaigning success

Your campaigning persuaded the UK Government to help Sierra Leone give mums and under fives health care.

In 2015-16 Oxfam helped:

people in
Sierra Leone

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