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Stand as One

Stand as One

Credit: Pablo Tosco / Oxfam

We are standing as one with the millions of people forced to flee conflict, disaster and poverty to make sure they get the essential help and protection they urgently need.

The world is in the middle of the most serious refugee crisis since records began. More than 65 million people have been forced to flee their homes by terrifying conflict and violence, millions more by natural disaster and poverty [source: UNHCR].

These are people like you and me who have often been torn away from their families, children who are on their own. People have been forced to leave their lives behind, often taking just the few possessions they can carry. People who have been pushed into poverty by circumstances beyond their control.

Most of these people - more than 40 million [source: Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre] - are displaced within their own countries. Many more shelter in neighbouring countries. Others are forced to risk their lives on treacherous journeys to seek refuge further from home. We can protect and save lives by standing together with those forced to flee. With your help, we can make sure they have the life-saving help that they need. And we can push world leaders to act now.

Conflict, disaster, hunger - all push people into poverty, and make it even harder for people already living in poverty to escape it. All put the lives of the world's most vulnerable people at even greater risk. We won't live with poverty so we have to stand up for and protect people who are fleeing hardship and suffering.

That's why we're calling on everyone to stand as one with people forced to flee and to demand world leaders act before more lives are lost.

Oxfam is helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who have been forced to flee to survive, in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. This includes bringing safe water to people in Syria, building water systems in camps in Lebanon and Jordan, building latrines in Tanzania and providing food in South Sudan. Closer to home, warm clothes, food, and toiletries as well as legal aid and advice have been given to people in Greece, Italy, Macedonia and Serbia. We've built much-needed toilets to prevent the spread of disease and made sure people have the information they need to stay safe.

Oxfam's Refugee Crisis response

Oxfam Presents: Stand as One - Live from Glastonbury 2016

It's the first live Glastonbury album of its kind. A host of world-famous musicians and the world's best-loved festival stand as one with people forced to flee conflict, disaster and poverty.

The album is dedicated to the memory of Jo Cox, MP, a former Oxfam activist, who campaigned tirelessly for refugees.

Acts including Coldplay, Muse, Foals, Sigur Rós and The Last Shadow Puppets will dedicate a song from their Glastonbury set, to be recorded for a special live album in support of Oxfam's work with refugees worldwide. Available to buy now on Parlophone.

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