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People facing starvation in South Sudan urgently need your help


Since conflict broke out two years ago, more than 10,000 people in South Sudan have lost their lives. Millions have been forced to flee their homes and leave behind possessions, crops and livestock.

Now, the threat of famine looms. Seven million people - many of them children - are at risk of severe food shortage in the months ahead unless international aid is dramatically and urgently increased.

We're working around the clock to deliver emergency food and we urgently need your support over the coming months to reach more people facing hunger.

Emergencies like these are not always seen in the news. We rely on people like you to give a monthly gift to Oxfam, so that we can continue our work and be there for people anywhere in the world, when they desperately need us.

Those who have survived war in South Sudan are now on the brink of starvation. Please don't wait - donate now and save lives.

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7 million people in war-torn South Sudan are at risk of severe food shortage in the months ahead. We urgently need your support so that we can reach families with emergency food.

Credit: Richard Elson

Famine is now a very real threat. Hundreds of thousands of people, who’ve been through so much already, face sickness, starvation and death.

Credit: Richard Elson

We’re working around the clock to distribute food rations to hundreds of thousands of people. The task is enormous and we rely on donations from the public to keep our work going.

Credit: Richard Elson

4.5 million people have been forced to flee their homes. Disease spreads quickly in the camps where they’re taking shelter, so it’s vital we give people access to clean water.

Credit: Richard Elson

In South Sudan’s capital, Juba, our engineers have built a pipeline from the River Nile to a filtration system, to provide people with clean, safe water.

Credit: Richard Elson

Families in South Sudan have fled brutal conflict. Now they are faced with the threat of deadly diseases such as cholera. Your support can keep them safe, with clean water and vital hygiene supplies.

Credit: Richard Elson

Your donation can save lives