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Oxfam and MADE in Europe campaigning for a fairer world

Posted by Nina Gora Gender lead, Oxfam in Greece

18th May 2012

MADE in Europe is a great organisation, helping tackle poverty and injustice. They do this by mobilising young Muslims to play a part in the global search for solutions. They draw upon the strong links between Islam and justice, putting into practise all of Islam's teachings about making this world more peaceful, equal and fair.

This is why it makes sense for Oxfam and MADE in Europe to work together. Oxfam "works with others to overcome poverty and suffering", and one of the main ways we do this is through campaigning. So we teamed up with MADE's young Muslim campaigners, to make our voices even stronger, louder, and harder to ignore.

Through the 'Ultimate Campaigner' scheme, Oxfam ran campaigning training: exchanging ideas with MADE campaigners and helping one other develop our skills and approaches. We followed this with pairing up some of the amazing young Muslims with Oxfam campaigning staff. I was one of the really lucky ones who got to be a mentor, for Shabaana Kidy.

Shabaana was already passionate about making a difference and already had ideas about how she could best do it in her community. We met a few times to talk through how she could maximise the impact of her work, and we discussed the opportunities and challenges. Shabaana approached her campaign with realism, commitment and determination. She chose to plant trees in her community as a hook for encouraging people to learn about climate change, she ran training for people in her community and lobbied her MP.

I really enjoyed our meetings, hearing Shabaana's ideas and finding out what campaigning looked like, and could look like, through her eyes. I especially enjoyed finding out about the strong links between Islam and the emphasis on being an agent for positive change. It is through these kinds of exchanges, between people who have a similar end goal, that we can learn from one another, to develop our understanding and our skills, and in the end, make more of a contribution to the global movement for a fairer world.

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Blog post written by Nina Gora

Gender lead, Oxfam in Greece

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